Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love me, love my hair

Springtime grooming is a strange thing. Shedding, for instance; there are many corollaries between shedding and love.

1. No matter how much you give away, there is always more to give.

2. This gift you offer then leaves you vulnerable, without protection.

3. As you look at it in tatters at your feet, blowing away in the wind, it kind of gives you the heebie jeebies.

4. It works even better with the caring touch of another creature.

I think you get the point.

Anyway, Mother was teasing me the other day... she asked me if I was pregnant. If you recall, Mother, you stretched the weight tape around me the other day and I was under 1000lbs, thank you very much. I wasn't sure what she could mean... she pointed at the dark line on my belly. Mother's photos aren't great, but I have a definite line of black guard hairs running down my midline.

Apparently, humans will have a similar change in coloration occasionally when they are gravid. I am a male, though... Mother should really know by now that my providing her with a foal really isn't an option!

Love doesn't really conquer all...


  1. Motherly love can verge on mocking sometimes, can't it Bif.

    Well, you can show your appreciation in an appropriate way this coming Sunday ;)

  2. What do you suggest?

    Oh, you mean that holiday that Mother made up?

    I think she knows what she'll get... and I'll make it myself!! Because homemade gifts really just show the love, don't you think?



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