Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The aunts and Mother are not nice. They were very busy clearing vegetation along the fenceline on Friday, and Saturday there was muttering and bickering coming from out there before they finally liberated us from the barn and released us in the small pasture. They watched us with rapt attention. We soon found out why.

They have renewed the electrical pulses along the lengths of wire that run along the fence in the small. I know, because I innocently reached towards the grass growing on the other side and burnt my nose. Mother commented as she kissed me later that she smelled something burning. Her quick, half-hearted "sorry", and "just kidding" were meant to appease me, but it stung for a while.


So when Mother came up to see me late tonight, I was cowering - I mean, uh, hanging out - with the red mares in the run in shed. Mother, with her abysmal human senses, did not know my whereabouts and proceeded to wander to the center of the small, calling my name and biting delectable sounding crunchy mouthfuls from the apple she had brought. That seemed worth interrupting my conversations with the mares... I peered out of the run in.

Mother at last noticed my contrast of white face against the black shade/fly cloth. She giggled when she approached to hand me the apple. Apparently, all that was visible was my head, as my neck and body were obscured in darkness. She delicately lifted a strand of frayed cloth that was draped over my ear and blending in with my forelock.

She kissed my schnozzle, told me she loved me, and walked away.

Hey, what about dinner? WHAT ABOUT DINNER!?! HEY!!!

Oh, Aunt Marilyn is coming now to feed dinner.
My mistake. 

Afterward, I'll go back to the important conference I was having with my mares... how to disconnect the electric. Bert and the fat donkey are useless when it comes to making plans that involve more than just brute force.

For stealth and cunning, mares are the way to go.

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