Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So much more...

Mr. Smothers*, Mother's felinicidal/suicidal cat, has taken to escaping the house with alarming regularity. Mother suspects the aunts find it humorous... they have a point.

Fat Donkey is so much more than a fat donkey... he is also a warm, fuzzy, mobile couch.

* If this sounds familiar, it was one of two phone calls that Mother captured between some of the inhabitants of Marilyn's mountain hideaway and Aunt Nancy. Mother posted these last summer, but if you missed them, here they are again.


  1. Your phone call movie might just be the funniest thing I ever saw on the internet. My other favorites include Vegan Black Metal Chef and the Trololo guy, so I don't know what this says about your phone call movie. Some might find me strange.

    Your friend Marnie, owned by Fenway Bartholomule


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