Sunday, July 17, 2011

Feel the Burn

OK, this last week was a nightmare. Mother came up to give me a bath on Tuesday. She sprayed me with stuff, fly sprayed me, and put some GnatGnoo all over my lower regions. I didn't mind, because it wasn't pink, and you need something to keep the flies away.

Sometime during the night, I realized things weren't feeling quite right. By the time Mother came and saw me the next afternoon, I was miserable and swollen and burning up. Mother was beside herself. Really. I was in enough discomfort I saw two of her.

Because Mother has no discretion, she told others my story. Like being burned alive isn't bad enough, you go and tell the world, Mother? Really?

It took awhile, but I am at last recovered. Well, hairless, but healthwise recovered.

And I got a lot of cookies out of it. But if that's what it takes to get cookies, I would go my whole life without another.

Let us never speak of this incident again.


  1. Regarding the COTH thread—Fenway has vestigial nipples too!
    (and I'm sorry about your manly bits. I can't imagine.)

  2. Bif-

    Sorry to hear about the trouble in your "area"... what a nightmare!


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