Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Slither

This summer has been awfully warm. Most days when Mother comes up, she hoses me off. I've actually decided that on hot days, the hose is my good friend. Mother even holds it up by mouth so I can drink and rinse my mouth.

For whatever reason, humans think it is fascinating if you drink out of a hose, and this can be a great tool if you want them to stop hosing off your body.

Even though it is warm out, Mother still tries to make sure I get some exercise on the days she comes up. Sometimes she lunges me in the small, sometimes in the multipurpose, and sometimes we go on my postal route.

The other day along the postal route, on the way back home Mother stopped and stared intently down at the concrete. Other than the long black snake on the road, I couldn't see anything amiss. Mother looked at me, but since I couldn't figure out that she wanted anything from me, I just sighed and waited for her to make up her mind that we were walking again.

I've seen snakes my whole life. And it's less scary than meeting the bizarre snakes that humans use, that spit water and air and who knows what else.

Oh, and great news!! Mother says that she has a new camera for me on the way. Something about points earned, and a lot of those points were from me... Uh, I don't know anything about points, Mother, but you're welcome.

I wonder how many cookies she could order with those points... hmmmm.

1 comment:

  1. Yay new camera!!

    Looking forward to pictures of your handsomeness Bif :)


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