Sunday, July 10, 2011


Something must be done. I need a plan. Mother is taking me for granted, and I have decided this can not be tolerated any longer.

Why would I make such a statement?

Mother abandoned me all work week long. She skipped in, la ti da, for about 15 minutes early on Friday evening, and flung my dinner in at me in the small. She couldn't even spare the time to take me in the barn and allow me to dine in peace in the feeding stall?? (Although it was fun dinner entertainment watching her cow cut  back and forth the whole time to keep Belle out of the run in while I ate.)

Saturday, she didn't even come up at all. She was off caring for my old buddy Sonney, who is now living some ways away. Like that is an excuse?  You could have come out earlier in the day, Mother.



And then this evening, she comes waltzing in smelling of dust and strange horses (with a brief hint of Haflinger) and saddles and happiness. Worse, she was on her flippy phone the entire time she brought me in, fly sprayed me, picked my feet, brushed me, rasped a chip in my hoof, shellacked me with more fly spray, coated my head with Gnatural Gcream, made my dinner, and turned me back out. Even my goodbye kiss and Herballs were dispensed while her busy little mind and busier mouth were running on with that phone and not me!

Apparently, she went to a show and rode around jumping over things and whatnot. She stopped at another place and visited with the Haflinger that she has apparently been riding. I'm always the last to know.

And she gave a whole bunch of my Herballs away to other horses!  My Herballs!

Is that really what you want, Mother? Is it really just all about you and riding and jumping and stuff? About what horses can do for you?

What about me? I am still here, you know...


  1. Camryn here: I'm sorry your Mom gave your special treats away. But, at least it was to a Haflinger. I mean second to you of course, Haflingers are the most special in horsedom!

  2. Gnatural Gcream?!

    When she gets in range, you can always shift your feet a little bit so that you step just onto the end of her boot. Then pretend you can't hear any longer. You may have gone deaf - how would she even know what with all of her gallivanting around with other equines....

  3. Blogger keeps eating my comments... I have no ides why, they don't taste like grain or hay or grass or anything!
    CFS~ Gnat Away (Gold Nugget) is now Minard's Gnatural Cream. Mother likes to call it Gnat Gnu. Mother then goes around talking funny: Gnat Gnu Is gnood for gyou... Gwhat a gnood gboy, Gbif. Gnood gboy!

  4. Camryn,

    Mother gave the Herballs to horses at the show, not the Haffie. Although she has given Carmen some before, too. Hey! Her name sounds a bit like yours!


    I liked your blog and header photo, Camryn. Adorable!


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