Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to ruin a day

It started out well enough. Mother came up to visit this afternoon. First thing, after I inquired pleasantly if I was allowed, she opened the barnyard gate to the barn porch and the yard for me. She made sure Belle stayed behind in the barnyard, where she belongs.

I went out on the lawn to munch. After a while, Mother came up and made my dinner, and was kind enough to bring it to me. She sat on the fallen tree while I ate my meal. How nice to dine al fresco with such a pleasant companion.

I ate grass for quite some time longer, and then Mother haltered me and led me back up to the barn porch to brush me. She picked all my hoovies, then gave me a little bit of the yummy muffiny cookie. Yah!! She started brushing me.

It was a pretty thorough brushing for this time of year; she peeled all my ergots and chestnuts and everything. She was sniveling about all the hair I am shedding... something about it being a bad time of year to have to drive a rental car. Uh, whatever, lady. Oh, and you missed a spot.

She got back at me by giving me dewormer. Blech! She brushed me for quite a while afterward, then offered me some of my magic-y muffiny cookie. I consumed it, but having had the dewormer, the muffin tasted awful. She offered me the other half.

No thank you.

Eat it. Here.

No thank you.

Come on, Bif. Stuffs cookie into mouth.

Open mouth, spit out cookie. Don't WANT it. Blech.

Fine. She sighs, picks up the muffin chunk, and leaves the barn porch. I hear her calling to Belle.

What a yucky day.

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