Saturday, May 5, 2012

Experiencing Technical Difficulties?

The problem with cameras is that they encourage humans to live in another time. There is discord between how things are and how they think they are, and this is the reason so many animals are difficult to photograph.

See, when a human is busy snapping away with the bright flashy thing, they are not living in the present moment. In trying to perfectly capture the present moment to enjoy at a later time, they are ruining it utterly. And guess what?

That moment is gone now. You can't have it back.


Some of us don't mind the camera as much, if we either a) get enough "in the moment" time with our human or b) are already off doing our own thing, and how the humans spend their time is really of no concern to us.

So if you find your subject "difficult", realize that YOU, human, are actually the problem.

How clear do we have to make it?

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