Wednesday, May 16, 2012

While you were sleeping

So Mother's wi-fi for me up here has been sketchy at best. I've been eating a lot of grass, but really, it's been kind of boring.

Apparently, she is more concerned with humans and their needs than my need to communicate with the outside world. In the past weeks, though the world has largely come to me...

Last week on Monday, the friendly vet man came to visit. I waited eagerly by the gate for him, so I was the first horse that got shot. Unfortunately, it wasn't Happy Place juice, just the muscle stuff. Oh, well. It was still nice to visit with him, and it pays to keep him on your good side.

And Aunt Nancy came to visit me with Mother, and the second day she brought the man with her. It was nice to see them, it seems like forever since she was here. Mother says we'll be seeing a lot more of them again soon, as Aunt Nancy's herd will be migrating eastward soon.

Oh, and speaking of herds... did everyone hear that Fenway has doubled his herd? Apparently Fat Donkey's acquisitions spurred some competitive inner... uh, something... in Fenway. I hope FarmWife is enjoying her enhanced view of equinedom as everyone settles in and gets to know one another. Hopefully for their sakes, it goes more smoothly than Fat Donkey and his posse.

So, um... that's about it. Uh... maybe next week will be more interesting...

Maybe there will be some kind of cookie truck/tractor trailer accident where no one is hurt but where cookies are in need of immediate homes and I will be able to provide them said good home.



  1. Um... Bif -- you have an unslightly stain... Maybe I should visit and entertain you in the shower?

  2. You could come visit (and entertain me with cookies)!

  3. Dear Bif,

    My new mule is ten million times wonderfuller than anyone could have ever predicted. Thanks for wondering about her!

    Fenway Bartholomule


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