Friday, May 25, 2012

Mother Needs a New Horse

Mother needs a new horse.

Specifically, an Icelandic horse.

From Iceland.

I will go over and find one for her.

It will probably take until, oh, mid-October?

Because it is really hot here...

All right, fine. Perhaps Mother does not actually need an Icelandic horse.

But I need a vacation. It is entirely too hot, and it's still only May!!

I hear Anartica is lovely this time of year. Where is the number for that travel agent...


  1. Not sure where you're located but there is an Icelandic breeder in southwestern PA called Make It Happen Farm.

  2. Oh, I just needed a trio to someplace cooler... I'm not sure Pennsylvania is much cooler than Ohio.

    Actually, it's been very nice for a week now, but I'm sure the hot weather is coming back again soon.


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