Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Red, White, and/or Donkey

Theoretically, humans are preoccupied today with something called "voting". At least, Mother gave that excuse (among others) for why she wasn't up here to visit me today. In order to better understand this phenomenon, I did some research.

Apparently, one can vote red
(nice tail)

Or one could vote donkey

Honestly, I don't think MY life will be affected either way... and I'm not old enough to vote for quite a few years yet.

Humans make everything so complicated!


  1. Can you take a bad photo? You are just so dang cute and photogenic.

  2. Oh boyfriend! You have such a beautiful forelock. Roxy's is currently quite lacking, do you have any advice for lesser equipped equines?

  3. Umm... I just was born this way. I don't do anything special. Mother doesn't do anything special. In fact she sabotages me sometimes.

    Thanks, though. I think my forelock is an excellent flyscreen, forehead warmer, etc.

    Mother keeps saying nasty things, like "You look like a huge marshmallow with burnt edges", referring to my black point.

    SHE does not properly appreciate my beauty.


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