Monday, August 30, 2010

The Runout

Mother ran out on me. She was off cavorting with other horses at a horse show this weekend, while I did NOTHING. Well, I ate hay, and looked for some grass that wasn't too picked over already, which means I got sticktights and other burrs all over me, even though I have no mane or forelock hair. Mother spent quite a few minutes the other day pulling sticktights out of my ears. Owie.

Oh, so anyway, Mother went to a show on Sunday, and rode some horse and got some little bits of colored shiny cloth and seemed awfully happy. She said she was happy to place well when she doesn't get to ride ever. She looked at me kind of funny when she said that... I'm not sure what that's about. Humans are weird sometimes.

And that's not the worst. Apparently, Mother and Aunts Margie, Marion, and Karin are heading off East and will probably see some guy named Earl. They are going to go see the Banker ponies, but Earl may meet up with them and keep them from going. Who is this guy?

Oh, and Mother won't be around to give me my good night cookies for days. Woe is me. She's been gone so much these last few weeks already, saying she has a lot to do at work due to an impending hos(pi)tile takeover. Sigh.

Talk about a runout! Why gallivant across the country when all the beauty you could ever want is right here at home? For that matter, why even go to work?

Humans have such odd priorities.


  1. Bif-

    Your Mom must be coming to our neck of the woods. :)

    I started riding again (after a many many years break) on a Banker pony named Virginia Dare - the first of the Bankers born in captivity in the 70's. She passed away this spring at the ripe old age of 34 - RIP Ginger.

    Do you know which Bankers your Mom is visiting? Corolla, Ocracoke or Shackleford Banks? Did she arrange for someone else to take over cookie duty?

  2. Mother said the shackled ones, but I guess that means Shackleford. She and the aunts are hoping that they can go... whoever this Earl guy is, there's a lot of fuss about him.

    And Mother didn't say anything about someone taking care of cookies for me. I am hoping I can coerce Aunt Marilyn or Aunt Carol into giving me cookies. Otherwise, the cookie famine will again descend.


  3. I need to get out to see you Bif and sneek you some extra cookies (don't tell mom) ;)
    Tell her and the aunties to watch out for that Earl guy. I hear he's full of a lot of hot air and to be safe.
    Also tell her to drop me a line when they get back. I'd like to go and hang out with them again to catch up.

  4. Aunt Julie,

    I miss you!

    Two out of three aunts wimped on Mother, so she went with just Aunt Karin. Someone explained to me Earl isn't a human, but a storm. I lived through lots of storms in North Dakota and here in Ohio, so I am not sure what all the fuss is about...

    I think you should come bring me cookies everyday, whether Mother is here or not.

  5. Bif,

    You're lucky your Mom is only going to be gone for a little while. My mom has been missing for three weeks now! She has that guy that she always brings with her walking me and feeding me cookies, but it's not the same. Although he's kind of lazy, so he lets me eat grass instead of making me walk. I like that part.

    *sigh* I hope Mother comes back soon...


  6. McVille,

    Mother told me your mom is traveling everywhere this month. But at least YOU are getting cookies. Aunt Nancy is supposed to be home in less than a week, so take advantage of the grass guy while you can!


    p.s. Thanks for letting me ride in your trailer all those times. I really appreciate it.


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