Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good News, Bad News

Good News! Mother has found cookies I can eat. They are the IR cookies from Withers and Withers, and I am so happy. It's almost like my life is normal again...

Bad News: Mother insists on putting the grazing muzzle on me at night. Aparently, the one I dislodged and hid so stealthily is not the only one in existence, because Mother brought another one to the barn and I am stuck wearing it at night when I go out. I kind of want to cry.

Good News... well, at least I go out every night, even if I do have to wear the horrible thing. And Aunt Marilyn takes it off for a few minutes up to an hour in the morning before I come in for my hay breakfast and nap.

Bad News... or is it good? I am starting to get a few rubs. Nothing major, but I am hoping Mother will decide I shouldn't wear it... that would be GREAT NEWS!!!!

At least there are cookies again. I was starting to wonder for a while what Mother was even good for, since I received no cookies, but had to wear the dreadful muzzle. I'd be better off on my own!

Oh, and I would really like to find the human that invented this contraption... really.

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