Thursday, August 5, 2010

Type C Personality

There are several personality types out there, you know... Type A, always animated, agitated and anxious. Then there is Type B... broadly speaking, the basic barely breathing bore. Then there is Type C. Mother is a Type C.

Now, that is partly because Mother caters to me. She cleans my stall, she cleans my water buckets and feed tub, she cleans my coat, and even my hooves. She cooks me dinner, provides me with cookies... as you can tell, that is a lot of Cs.

However, the C also stands for controlling, and Mother does that a lot, especially lately. She counts calories for me (not necessary, truly), has cut back my good hay, although increasing my crummy hay... life is all about trade offs once one accepts domestication, I have discovered.

She controls not only my food, and my turnout times, but also what could/should be leisure time with her... she likes to tell me where to go, how quickly to go there, and sometimes it is just around in circles around her! Today, we were ground driving in the back pasture, and we kept disturbing the deer grazing there. I admit, even without the deer, I was feeling a little frisky. I kept trying to encourage her to let me trot, but NO. So at one point, even though I'd seen the deer plenty of times already, I decided to make the drive more interesting because it had crept decidedly into B mode... I did a tiny dance, and a little levitation of the front end. Mother made no comment, just requested me to walk on.

Later she mentioned it was a pretty little rear, not as balanced as a levade, but not bad. Since I didn't hit the lines going up, and I was so light, and I was already in an obvious mood, she ignored my high spirits.

There are advantages to being a horse that nothing is expected of; there are no goals to strive for. If I chose to rear in the lines, really, what's the harm? I'm not pulling on her, I'm not endangering her. Well, that's my view, anyway.

I am awakening her to a whole new way of enjoying horsedom. Now, if we could just continue the trend of relinquishing the control side of the C, and get her to concentrate more on the catering side of C... like COOKIES!!!!

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