Tuesday, September 14, 2010

As the Boyfriend Turns

Humans often seem worried about color. I don't understand why this is. As for me, Mother laughs that I am just what she deserves. She has for many years gotten upset when people call grey horses roan when they are obviously GREY, yet what am I? Both! I am a black based roan, but also have the grey modifier.

I have my black points, started out with a black face, and all my cuts grow in with black hair, seemingly even as I grey.

Right now, I am in parts flea bitten

dappled: my dapples are much more noticeable this year than ever before

and still a nice, even roan mixture of hairs.

I am a horse of many colors.

Mother says there is an advantage to my being a roan, if I am going to end up white/grey everywhere: Roans shed their coat colors at different times, and that allows for my stains to not set in quite as well, providing a cleaner looking appearance.

She likes the fact that I am never the same color more than a few weeks or months in a row. I would go very dark (mostly black) for middle of winter, go to white end of winter, shed again to a deep summer color, blow to white, then start darkening for the winter again. Of course, I end up not as dark each time, as I am greying...

Enjoy watching my color flip, flop, and mature through the years... funny, my mane and forelock also seem to ebb and flow:

two weeks later
06/08 You can faintly see my "stripes" (those aren't ribs, trust me!)

late winter/early spring 09
Hey! That picture doesn't belong in here!!
You'll notice, of course, the prevailing theme... how handsome I am!!


  1. I definitely think you are getting better looking with age Bif.

  2. Definitely handsome! You can't miss that. And you're looking dapper with dapples, that's for sure.


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