Monday, September 6, 2010

Alternate Universe

I had a lot of time while Mother was away to spend daydreaming and thinking on my life. Soak up sun, dream... think about things.

Mother says there are many things I could have done. Now, she says I am only good as a model...


Well, I think they should at least be interesting models... Like, if an artist wanted a good example of a war horse for a Civil War statue.

Mother thinks I would make a good broodmare model. I resent that.

I think I would be a great headless horseman model.
Oh, wait, the rider is supposed to be the headless one? Scratch that idea.

But in the course of my daydreams this week, I found myself thinking in the human way, WHAT IF...?!

I would have done so many things. I am naturally balanced...

I could have done dressage... you just try to move big and look pretty, right?

But I wouldn't want to always stay in an arena... there's so much to do outside!

Eventing!... can't you just see me galloping up to the fences?

Or endurance... you just try to cover ground at a pace you can maintain forever, right? I was bred for that!

Barrel racing... I'm not sure I see the point of running around in circles just to end up where you started, but I do like to fly...

I think I could do some cow work...

I even would be willing to give William Pendelton's family a nod, and try some three gaited. I've got the mane now, after all. Mother thinks I'm hopeless, but if I had really applied myself, maybe...
Ah, well... they are just day dreams, after all.

When Mother met me in North Dakota, she put her arm over my back and showed me thoughts of us galloping through green fields, jumping over things. I didn't know what they meant, but we looked happy in them; I knew Mother was the human I needed. She told a friend later that it was funny, when she did that with Devlin Pony, he felt happy, and eager to learn... when she did it with me, she felt from me confusion and a sort of emptiness, but peace. I had no other way to tell her about my bad joint, but she understands now I was trying to tell her I couldn't really do those things. But I was always happy to be with her, and I would try.

Mother says the best thing about me is I have always done everything she has asked of me. It's not my fault I can't really do anything with my bad leg. But I was willing to try...

She is the best cookie and care human I could wish for. She still sees ME.


  1. Boyfriend - your Mother is a wise woman, and you are a most versatile (and gorgeous) equine... perfect just the way you are!!

  2. Boyfriend, you are perfect at what you do best: inspiring your human, and soaking up the love.

    You're also beautiful, and that's the icing on the cake.

  3. Hi Bif - Dex here - Nice pictures!! I'm basically too lazy for my mom to get some good action pictures - hee hee. My mom is going for a vacation to North and South Dakota for the next week - anyone you would like her to say hello to? Any good places to see horses (or other cool stuff) while she is up there??

  4. Mother definitely recommends stopping in Linton, ND and seeing my cousins. It is fascinating to go out and see the family groups, or just visit the bachelor band on the home ranch. Give Shelly a call or drop her a line; the info is at Nokotahorse.ORG


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