Sunday, January 10, 2010

The cookies are HERE!

They're here!! The famine is over! OK, I never ran out, but it was a possibility.

I was outside, waiting for Mother to bring me in for dinner, like any other day. I had to wait longer than usual... I was actually the last gelding, the last horse, even. That's not right! I am more important than that...

Turns out, Mother was weighing out cookies! The cookies have arrived, and she needed to divide them for Magnum and me. I don't think Magnum deserves as many cookies as I do, but Mother says it doesn't work like that. I got a few more cookies in my dinner, and of course my good night cookies. What a wonderful, wonderful day.

Oh, and the snow came the other day, but it wasn't enough to really roll and enjoy, just a few inches. And it seems to be going away really fast, even though it hasn't gotten warm. Oh well, maybe there'll be more soon.

Nothing can ruin my happiness... COOKIES!!

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