Monday, June 6, 2011

Artistic Expression

Mother gave me a scrubby bath on Saturday. This is a soapless operation, but there were still lots of suds... Sweat, fly spray, whatever else Mother has smeared on me lately. The rinsing scrubbing affair seemed to take forever, but as it was very, very hot, I was rather content to allow it.

When Mother came to visit me Sunday, she just sighed as she gave me my cookies. Obviously, she doesn't understand art when she sees it.

Does she have any idea how difficult it is to get that part of your face?
I worked really hard on this! 

Everyone knows if you're going to be vain, photos must be taken immediately after bathing. I remain unapologetic.


  1. I occasionally use the warm pillow, yes. The grass stain on my forehead, however... I'll never tell!


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