Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fair Play, a Dirty Game, and my newest enterprise

Turn about is fair play. Mother has persisted in dumping and or spraying cold water on me for years now, telling me it's for my own good. But when I return the favor during our walk, grooming time, etc with quarts of nice warm saliva*, she gets irritated.

Does that seem unfair to anyone else?

And Mother played an odd trick while I was eating my dinner. She took the (admittedly small) remainder of my Herballs out to the small and scattered them around. Belle and Bert went to scavenging, and by the time I went out after dinner, I was hard pressed to make sure that I got my fair share, which of course is all of them, since they are MINE. Was this some sort of bizarre retribution for the saliva thing?

I had told her I was sorry.

*Unlike last year, I have accepted the drool. It no longer freaks me out into hypochodriacal, paranoid prey-species paroxysms. In fact, it was the impetus behind my latest endeavor: my Red Mare Herd and I are starting a band. With my honorary degree from Drooliard, "Boyfriend and the White Clovers" should be making appearances soon, perhaps even at a venue near you! We'll cover songs like "Crimson and Clover"; other bands such as Drool and the Gang; and even Broadway tunes from popular productions like "Drooley and the Beast" and "Romeo and Drooliet".

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