Saturday, June 25, 2011

Where's the line?

How many little annoyances must there be before one can properly consider it out and out abuse?

Mother put the evil grazing muzzle on me today. Granted, she took it off after an hour, but that was an hour I couldn't eat nearly as well as the others while we were on the good grass pasture.We only go out for a set number of hours a day... come on!

Some time after she removed the evil grazing muzzle, Mother came out and got me (while we were still on good grass pasture time). Now, she did give me dinner... but then got distracted while I ate (and finished!) while she picked raspberries in the garden. Tick tock tick tock on the good grass pasture clock, lady!!

Finally she came and got me from the stall...  and lunged me. She lunged me on a really long line in the small, so while the circles were quite large, she made me work for a lot longer than she normally would.

And she hosed me off, too, afterward. I mean yes, I was hot and sweaty, but hosing me? I think that can go on the list of abuses.

And then when I got turned back out, the gate to the good grazing pasture was closed!!! Sob... sob... SOB!!!!


When she said, "See you tomorrow" after my goodnight kiss, I wasn't really sure if I want her to come by tomorrow or not... the aunts never put that muzzle on me, or lunge me, or hose me off, and they feed me every day, too. Who needs Mother, if she is just going to be cruel?


  1. You do make a good case for preferring the aunts Bif. Mother is obviously the bad seed in that family...

    Any strategies for changing her reprehensible behavior?!

  2. Mothers. Who indeed, BIF ? :)


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