Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rest and Relaxation

Well, hi!

Today was a great day. Sure it was overcast, and we might not have gotten to go out on the good grass pasture due to the storms last night and all the rain, but it was still a good day. 

For one, Mother doesn't lunge me if the ground could be slippery. Two, it was rather cooler today, so no bathing performed. And she gave me a really good brushing. But wait, there's more!

Nothing like a nice shave, courtesy Mother, to revitalize the spirit. I like the clippers, it gives me more "Mother Time". And she kisses me on my nose a lot. (She does that when she gives me a bath, too, but she finds mushy wet nose kisses more amusing than I do by that point.)

Oh, and look at the mane side, as I continue to recover from the anti-burr haircut... although I got the eerie feeling Mother was considering burr prophylaxis as she carved my halterpath out today.

Then Mother gave me a nice massage, really concentrating on my shoulders, neck and back... all those places I work really hard in my day to day job. I got a nice dinner...

Then back to work, with Belle and my fat donkey in the small.
Fat donkey, tightrope walking does not make you look thinner. The contrary, in fact.

Oh wait, Mother, did you say you have cookies?

Like I said, it was a great day!!


  1. Love the new header pic!! I would like to squeeze your fat donkey ;)

  2. Give me an address, I'll happily send him to you!! Although I suppose the aunts would be upset with me, as they claim my fat donkey is in fact theirs...


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