Sunday, November 20, 2011

Invasion of Privacy

Hanging with Belle in the run-in, autumn 2011

Friday evening Mother came up after dark to brush me and feed me. She thought I was moving rather s-l-o-w-l-y, and seemed rather grumpy.

Hurrmph. I am fine, this is no concern of yours, Mother, and please make sure the donkey knows to keep an eye out for wolves. Not that the wolves would see anything that would single me out or anything...

Oh, so back to Friday night. She lunged me briefly, and I admit I was an unenthusiastic participant, although of course obedient and well behaved. This made her comment. She also made comments about which leg I was resting. Oh, stop staring at me already!!

She put some of the funny yummy powder on my dinner along with my usual stuff, and I admit I was looking at the world with a better mindset when she came to visit yesterday. I trotted with much less urging when asked, although Mother only wanted a lap or two in both directions.

She kind of ruined my better mood by saying she was going to start giving me a bunch of shots, hopefully starting later this week. She claims they will make me feel better. But if they aren't going to send me to my Happy Place, I don't really see how they could.

She should just stay up here when I want her to, to hand me cookies and brush me and pet me. Those are nice distractions. 

She said something about ghost-sitting during the long holiday this coming week. She better still come up to see me...



  1. Bif I'm sure Mother has your best interests in mind with the shots, even tho we all hate them. Even humans hate shots, but some shots help us move better and with less pain.

    Hmm... I wonder if your shots would work for my back?

    What is "Ghost Sitting" ?

  2. Maybe your mother is goat sitting? Goats are like horses except they burp, they eat trees, and they have eight hooves—two at the bottom of each leg. Don't let them scare you.


    Fenway Bartholomule

  3. Jeni,

    I will happily donate my shots to you! Mother, however, says I have to have them and that I'll appreciate them when it's all done.

    I don't know... her plan is also to allow Aunts Margie and Marion to "practice their IM shot skills" during this whole thing. That doesn't sound promising for me... although they are both pretty reliable high cookie givers.

    Mother says there will be a shot every four days for an entire month.

  4. As for the ghost sitting... Mother watches a whole bunch of interloping horses (they eat MY Herballs and cookies and stuff), and there are some dogs and cats and a house, too.

    Mother says there "might" also be a ghost or two so she clearly explains to the "dogs" when she first goes in the house who she is and how long she'll be there and that the owners will be back at such and such time and how much Mother is looking forward to having a nice, peaceful weekend.

    She says she sticks to the newer section of the house. Newer is a relative term; it was still built before the Civil War.


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