Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Series of Ordinary Events

It has been a very busy few days for me. Mother provided our foodstuffs at all the feeding times this weekend, as the aunts and mystery uncle were nowhere to be seen. She gave me some paste on Sunday afternoon (a little blech-y but not awful) and then a perfect dinner.

It has been warm the last few days, and my winter coat has been a bit of a disadvantage. Sigh.

Yesterday the veterinarian came and gave me some shots in the neck, but none of them sent me to my Happy Place. I don't mind them too much, though, because he is a nice guy and sometimes he does send me to my Happy Place, so it is best to stay on his good side.

It was warm and rainy, and then a huge deluge of a storm hit in the evening.

Today the hoof man was here to work on my hoovies. It was rather a humorous affair, as the donkey came in to watch and kept hovering directly over my right foot while the hoof man tried to work. Mother caught fat donkey and tied him up, since he will bang incessantly if you put him in a stall, even with food.

So I'm standing there watching the fat donkey attempt to pace while tied and then I hear hoof beats approaching from the rear. Callie and Bert appeared in the doorway of the barn, wanting entry to their favorite stall to hang out in. Mother stood back there and continually hazed them away, as shutting the barn door would have diminished the light the hoof man needed.

Other than the dancing donkey and the dancing Mother, it was an uneventful trim. Mother put me in a stall and gave me a bit of hay while she prepared my dinner. Tonight's dinner was super good, and as warm as I can eat without making the inside of my mouth hurt. I really like when my dinner is all warm and yummy.

I realized there is something I really, really want:

A heated feed pan

I like my dinner warm and on the sloppier side than the others like their feed soaked~ the closer to gruel the better. The problem during these cooler months is that the food, while perfect temperature when first presented to me, rapidly cools into a less appetizing cold slop during the time it takes me to slurp it all down. If Mother could find a good way to keep it at that perfect temperature all during my dining experience, that would be great.

Mother says she is unable to find any commercially available heated feed pans of a type suitable for horses. I think she might not be looking hard enough. Or she needs to get a manufacturer to make one. Or she needs to design something for me here at home. Perhaps a well insulated feed pan, preheated especially for me?

I don't want to be any trouble, though...


  1. Bif you should tell your mother to check these out:

  2. Boyfriend, you've had a very busy week! Tell your mother I said 'Hi! and Rosie is liking the black pad a lot!"


  3. Jeni,

    Mother said she met a new horse friend. I was a little perturbed until she said it was a human friend. Then why did she say "horse" friend?


  4. cdncowgirl,

    Those buckets are like the heaters in our troughs,or the heated muck-tub sized water bucket the aunts use in bad weather for the barnyard horses if they stay in the barn.

    It only pops on if the temperature gets really low. I want my food to stay at 100 degrees. Ok, at least 75 degrees. And Mother says I mustn't burn the barn down.

  5. I just built a super-insulated box for my heated water bucket, you could do the same thing on a smaller scale to keep a bucket warm. There are pics of the whole precess at my blog www.thedancingdonkey.blogspot.com There are 3 posts showing the whole process titled DIY project.

    In fact, if you don't want to have to build something you could do the same thing with a flat backed bucket inside of a muck tub. Check out the 3 posts on my blog so you will know what I mean when I say you could probably use a plastic garbage can lid with a hole cut in the middle as the top. If you want to be able to use the muck tub for other purposes later, line it with a plastic bag before you insulate it. That way, all the pieces would easily come apart. I have a couple of other ides that might work as well, feel free to contact me if you are interested.


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