Friday, November 25, 2011

Mr. Snuggleupagus

I was lying snug and warm in the freshly cleaned run-in yesterday late afternoon, meditating on all the things I have to be grateful for, like a belly full of warm mush and hay, a dry place to get out of the weather should I choose, a Mother and Aunts who care for me and make sure the food is given to us in a timely fashion...

When much to my surprise Mother appeared. At first I blinked in some confusion. The Aunts had already fed me, so I didn't expect to see Mother. Was I dreaming? No, I am sternal... she looked slightly distressed, and smelled funny but familiar. I was laying on my left side, and she kept staring longingly at that hip. She even sort of ran her left hand along under there.She pet me and kissed my nose. Well, thanks Mother, that's nice... is that odd but familiar smell perhaps some treat for me?

She half draped herself over my neck and back, hugging me. "Uh, can't breath here, Mother. I'm already crushing my lungs with my own weight, I don't need your help." She pet me awhile longer, although still only with her left hand.

I sighed, Mother stepped out of the way, and I lurched to my feet.

Mother instantly seemed very happy, and started smearing my left stifle with a funny smelling cream hidden in her right hand. Ah, yes, I know that smell! Mother puts this stuff on my leg and makes it feels less ouchy. Why, thank you, Mother.

May I have a cookie? I got up and everything... Mother sighed, walked out to the porch, and brought me out a Mrs. Pastures cookie.

So much to be grateful for...

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