Thursday, November 10, 2011


Mother is going a bit soft in the head. Daft in her dotage. Or just plain losing it, I'm not sure which it is.

Tonight, Mother was commenting on how cold it was... sure it's a bit windy, which can make it feel worse, but it's not bad. It's actually quite nice. Mother was saying how she almost wished she had blankets for me. She would love to bundle me up in a snuggly blanket...


Uh, Point 1: I am from North Dakota. I may not grow as much coat down here in Ohio because it's the South and all, but I certainly have enough to get me through your measley peasley excuse for a winter.
Point 2: As you are so fond of pointing out, Mother I don't do anything. So it's not like I'll sweat up and be hard to cool out and thus need less coat for work and substitute coat when I'm not working. I'm always not working.
Point 3: Even if I was working, as you've noticed, Mother, I dry really fast, even if wet to the skin in my winter woolies. So I wouldn't need less coat for work and thus would not need a substitute coat, either.    
Point 4: If you ever come near me with anything that looks like this, I will kill you. And no jury in the country would convict me.
At least the horse is blindfolded so he can't see his humiliation.


  1. Hahahaha !!!

    Some of the oldies get cold pretty easily around here but I'm with you on this one BIF ! Stand firm in the faith. North Dakota is pretty close to Canada, eh ?

  2. I think all mothers are like thisd. I called my mother up today and she was gushing about all the hats and scarves and mittens I need to bring up to school. It isn't that bad yet. Mothers just worry, ya know?


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