Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sharing: It's not for Everything

Mother has some issues. She is a rather anonymous sort. She blames it on her time "in the service" and fear of identity theft, etc. etc. ad naseum, ex post facto...

Where was I?

Oh, so while she tries to maintain a certain amount of anonymity, she uses me as her shield. My name is the one on CoTH and Facebook, and comments on other blogs, but I am not usually the one saying things. This could get me in hot water, you know? I mean, it would be one thing for her to play Jeopardy! on Facebook under my name... but what if I am selected?

I don't know the answers to all those questions! I don't know how to work that buzzer thingy! Why can't Mother get her own life and stop borrowing my things??


How many cookies can $36,681 buy?


  1. In addition to being BIF I think you are also secretly Mother's Fall Guy. ;)

    But don't worry BIF. I've got your back. I'll be watching for any illegal and plagerized images of you on ALL bags of horse treats/feeds/etc here at Paradigm Farms from this day forward.

  2. Like 558 eleven pound tubs of mrs.pasture's cookies?

  3. ^^^ And you KNOW she did the math!!! : P

  4. How do I place a cookie order? I've never even tried, I just place my request with Mother, and hope she gets me *something*.

  5. Mother just calculated that that could get me about 6 tons of Mrs. Pastures Cookies, not including shipping. I think they would offer a bulk discount; she should be able to easily get seven.

    She's said that would make me very, very ill.

    Oh, well, it's not like I really won the money anyway...


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