Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Hello, my name ith Thipperth. I mean CH-ippers. Thometimeth it ith hard for me to pronounth thingth, if I don't take my time. I livth where Boyfriend livth.

He thaid mean thingth about me to the thychic lady, that I wath thometimeth mean. He just thinkth that becauthe I bite him if I can when he goeth through the gate. Hey, I'm a little on the thmall thide, if you want to win thometimeth, you gotta be thneaky!

Acthually, I am not tho thmall anymore... I'm only an inth thorther than Bif now, tho ha! I'll be four thith thpring. Tho maybe I'll th-till grow enough to catcth him.

Hith Mother really likth me, the doeth nithe thingth for me all the time. THAT'TH why Boyfriend lied about me!!

Oooh, dinner time... Bye! It wath nithe meeting you!

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