Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I smell snow

I can't wait! I smell snow! I love snow!!! Yeah!!
Think snowy thoughts, think snowy thoughts, think snowy... cookies... cookies...

It's been really frozen here lately. I'm wondering if I should have grown more coat after all. Still not cold like back in North Dakota; we haven't even dipped below zero here yet. But the winter is still early. Hmmm... do I have time to grow more coat? Do I need more coat? Mother says I need to burn a few calories I already have...

Speaking of calories, I want a cookie. Why isn't Mother here now, when I need her? Why can't I have a cookie dispenser available in the stall at all times? She could paint it to look like her, if that makes her feel better.  And one in the field, but only I can use it. But I want cookies!

Am I addicted?

Can I survive without cookies?

Would I want to?

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