Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hygiene, Bye-giene!

Mother got out the clippers again this evening. It hasn't even been a month, but apparently she has figured out even more of my hair to remove. She clipped my stubborn guard hairs that haven't shed from the midline of my belly, and the aberrant sprouters on the underside of my neck and from my chest. She did my beard (more like a 5 o'clock shadow). She did my yak withers and halter path and the line of my ears.

She was so happy with me because without her asking I kept my head down for all of that stuff. She's so easy to make happy, sometimes. And she looks so sweet. I probably shouldn't spoil her like that.

Because... then she got out this smelly stuff and rubbed it into the roots of my hair on my mane and tail and forelock. Now I stink!

She says it will help my hair grow.

What's the point, since she just seems to want to clip it all off, anyway?

I did get cookies out of the deal. One when she was done, two when she let me loose in the pasture, and another because I stuck my head in the magic window while she was cleaning up and she is powerless to resist me. Yumm, cookies...

It's supposed to rain this weekend. Maybe the stinky stuff will wash off!


  1. Hey Boyfriend, Roxie the dog here feel your pain I get brushed every day!!! Even though I am a poodle I still don't see why I get brushed so much. But you know what helps... ROLL, ROLL like there's no tomorrow
    Dyno the dog here, I don't get brushed often but I do shed and when that starts I get brushed like non stop!!! Then air freshener!!! ROLL that's all I can do.
    Hey dude, I feel your pain I am a German Shepard and I get brushed more than Dyno. And don't even get me started about the perfume. UHHH gross stuff But Roxie and Dyno are right ROLL ROLL ROLL

  2. Hello, human's wolves. You guys aren't barkers, are you? Barkers make me nervous.

    I agree, rolling is very effective for many things... and best, it means Mother will groom me again!


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