Thursday, April 1, 2010

You can always go home again

Well, it turns out I moved back to Aunt Marilyn's. I arrived, and all my red mares were there, and very happy to see me! Belle and I have a big covered area that is screened for flies, and we can go out and munch on the sprouts of grass coming up anytime we want, day or night. That's so nice.

My other red mare friend, Jeanie, was glad to see me back. She is a little older, but a very pretty mare, if I must say. She was busy eating inside the barn when Mother came around with the camera, but I will introduce you to her sometime soon.

There are a few other males around.

There's the donkey, and Bert. Oh, and Bert's sister, another red mare!

Those boys know I am superior. It goes without saying. I'll say it anyway, though, if they forget.

Anyway, Mother still grooms me and feeds me, so really the only difference in my life is I am out anytime I want to be, and have mare-friends instead of being in the bachelor band. And here I was all worried, for no reason!

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