Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mid-Life Crisis?

So, in my bio, I describe myself as "a young horse named Boyfriend".  And I am going to ask a non-horse like but very human like question:

At what age should I consider myself middle aged?

I'm going to be nine this summer. Nine doesn't seem so very old, although I've been to a few weird places and seen lots of things, and sometimes my body does feel a little older than it used to. Mother seems to think that with my not-so-good joint I might not live to be thirty or so, like most horses should. I know I can hide my problem from the wolves quite well, so I don't know what she thinks will happen to me. My girlfriend Jeanie is 32 this year, and she still looks great. And if a wolf does come along, I'll push Bert or the donkey towards it instead of letting him catch me!

But Mother likes accuracy, and she thinks I need to change my bio to more accurately reflect my age. Or just omit my age. Hmmm...

You think it's easy being a successful horse with a blog and everything, but it is work.

This is stressful.

I need some cookies...


  1. You're only as young (or old) as you feel, Bif!

  2. Can different parts of me be different ages? I'm mostly 5, but my leg is 20, and my soul is eternal, which isn't really an age, I guess.

    My hair is just a few days old, because Mother keeps cutting it all off...


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