Friday, April 16, 2010

My New Postal Route

I have a job. I am a postal carrier. Mother and I walk all the way out to the mailboxes a few times a week, and she retrieves the mail, and then we bring it back.

It's a lot harder than it sounds. We go down a big hill, over a bridge, up and down another hill, across another bridge, then up the big hill to where the mailboxes are by the fast road. I have walked up there many times in the last couple of years, whenever I lived at Aunt Marilyn's, but today was different.

Mother drove me to the mailboxes.

And you know that whole "no matter rain or sleet or blah blah blah"? Well, it was windy and there was obviously a storm coming and we went to get the mail anyway!

I didn't see the point of going down the big driveway hill. I tried turning around several times to let Mother know there was no real reason to head out into the wind, we could easily return home. I finally decided she was determined, and we continued on.

At the second bridge, which is followed shortly by the land of small humans with the loud and creepy garden, I was uncertain about crossing. I finally decided to, when there was a loud flutter and from underneath the bridge two monsters flapped and flung themselves into the air! By the time Mother turned me back around, the monsters were gone, but I didn't know where they went. Mother and I discussed crossing the bridge. She decided to lead the way, and I was happy to follow. She doesn't understand how scary it is to be in the lead like I am when I am being driven. Lead mare leads, herd stallion follows. Doesn't she understand that?

We got up to the mailboxes, and she tucked my offside driving line up under my pad, and put the mail in her bag. She says for me to be a postal carrier, I need to carry the mail; she will work on my mail pouch. Anyway, she put her bag back on her back, took up my lines again, and back homeward we went.

It's a lot less scary on the way home. I was trying to hurry at times, but Mother is not into hurrying home.  She even stopped to pick up a pile I made, with a plastic bag that she put into another plastic bag, then into her backpack, all while I watched.

There are easier ways to get that, Mother, than driving me around and scaring it out of me!!

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