Monday, April 12, 2010

My Mother-free weekend

So, while Mother was off with the interloper, I was enjoying my weekend with the red mare herd. I don't need to go to some big horse expo for people to see me. I can bask in my own glory at home.

This is my friend, Jeanie. I told you she was pretty. She's a little older than me (23 years older, actually), but she is still my favorite mare. 

So while Mother was off galavanting this weekend, I was with my herd, working hard. I mean, look at how short this grass is. That's hard work. 

And making sure everyone goes where they need to go...

Looking out for dangers to my mares...

All members of the herd count... here's my fat donkey.

And Belle needs attention, so I spent time with her, too... 

So, Mother can just go off and do things with the interloper. I don't need her. I have my own job, taking care of my red mare herd. And I can probably talk Aunt Marilyn into giving me cookies!

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely weekend you had. You hav a lot of responsibilities, but you sure do brighten up that red herd.

    P.S. Love the Donkey!


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