Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Le Dauphin

Mother may have discovered my true name!

Mother often laments that my name is Boyfriend, because apparently other humans think it is kind of a funny name for a horse. She spent the first few months that she owned me trying other words, but none of them was my name, if you know what I mean.  I tolerate Bif because that is what so many people call me. Uncle Jeff called me Nokota and I answered to that, because it was technically correct.

So, last night Mother was running her hand over me and she kept brushing off lots of little grit. It made her think of dolphins, who continually shed their skins to be fast fast fast, and she remembered there is a royal title named the Dauphin. It happens to be French, like my real name. So she tried calling me Dauphin, and I knew she was talking about me! It's about time she realizes my true status.

Of course, she'll probably just keep calling me Boyfriend, because she sounds a little strange and pretentious, and her lips look funny when she tries to pronounce Dauphin.

As long as she brings me cookies, either name is acceptable. And yes, that is pronounced "EYE-ther". I'm royalty, after all.

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