Tuesday, June 22, 2010



My tail is not a towel. Please quit using it as such. It does not require pink Swat, or GnatAway, or any of the other stuff you wipe in there to try to clean your hands off. I know I have never complained before, but this is getting ridiculous. There is water and some soap RIGHT OUT THERE. Please use it.


PS~ Thank you for not posting the humiliating picture where I am rolling over uphill (also butt high uphill), and got stuck and my pink Swatted belly was clearly visible. I finished just fine, didn't I?

PPS~ Please don't post the picture of my pink ears. A little dignity, is it too much to ask?


  1. Boyfriend, didn't we trade dignity for twice-daily meal service?

    Your friend,
    Fenway Bartholomule


  2. Hi Boyfriend. My name is Valentino. My person has a funny story about how she thought that up... something to do with Val Kilmer in the movie Tombstone... Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

    While sometimes humans can waste too much time, (which could be spent restocking cookies or grooming) on the computer, finding things like your blog make it all worth while :)

    Your brother in grey horse-hood,

  3. Fenway,

    I did not! I expect my dignity to be kept intact at all times.

    It's not that I really mind pink... honestly, I can't even see it most of the times Mother applies it. But sometimes others laugh at me. Not nice.

    Oh, and I get three hay meals a day, or two and 12 hours on the good grass pasture, but only one graining a day. It is small, and mostly supplements. And sometimes the service leaves much to be desired. So hard to find good help... Mother in particular. Too soggy, too dry... sigh.

  4. Valentino,

    Yes, more time spent not just restocking cookies but FEEDING them to me. And not just to make me not hate the flymask. I still hate it.


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