Monday, August 1, 2011

Nothing Special

Mother tells me from time to time that I am not as unique as I think...

She has a point.

This is a picture from my old home in North Dakota. I am none of these horses. Mother finds this picture an absolute riot... I don't know why, though.

Apparently my camera is on the way... then you can go back to looking at ME!!


  1. Hmmmmm...wonder why that might be, eh Bif ? Glad to hear the camera is enroute. Words paint only half a picture, don't they ? :)

  2. I love how one of the horses in the picture is like "to heck with running, i do my running away at a WALK." :D

  3. I wonder if your mother ever wishes she had all five matchy-matchy Bifs to enjoy.

  4. Is it my eyes or are all 3 of those runners off the ground? Love the pic.

  5. I love it because all three are off the ground, at the same phase of gallop (and on the same (right) lead!), and the leftmost galloper is telling off the younger, dark horse: "You can't run with us, you don't fit in!" It's just awesome... and funny. Typical Nokota!



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