Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good for the Goose

When Mother came up yesterday, Belle left me in the run-in to go greet Mother at the gate. I guess she thought Mother would play with her, but she only pet her and said hello, then came in for me.

As Mother was putting my halter on, Belle pushed the canvas ~thwap!~ into Mother by flipping it with her head. Mother glanced over, but Belle didn't come in. Mother turned back to me, and ~thwap~ the canvas hit her again. "Silly mare," said Mother. ~Thwap!~ Belle peered in around the edge of canvas.


"We're coming out, Belle," Mother announced, and Belle followed us to the gate, hopeful for some fun, but Mother left her in the Small as she led me to the porch.

Mother pondered if Belle was "getting back at her" for the whole bear incident.

Turn about IS fair play, Mother.

1 comment:

  1. Gravely what? Hope your Mother feels much better soon! Can't have you fade away into nothing due to lack of cookies!


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