Monday, January 2, 2012

So Not Snow

 This is NOT snow. 
This is just messy white stuff.

I had ventured outside when it began. I like snow, after all. I'm from North Dakota! But since the ground was still slick from the warm temperatures and rain, rain, rain we've had...

This isn't worth it, I'm going back inside.

Mother stopped up oh-so-briefly today. I heard her out in the Small, but I wasn't about to leave the run-in. She'll find me. I heard her approach, and made eye contact through the gap between the freshly hung canvas windbreaks and the post. Mother nickered. I nickered.

She started to push the canvas aside and step in. All hooves broke loose! All I know is Belle screamed BEAR! and flew into me and I ran back, too. When Mother peeked inside again, Belle stood shaking near me and I was still trying to figure out where the bear was.

Once Belle figured out it was only Mother and not a bear, she was fine. Mother apologized, telling her she didn't see her for the canvas. It takes some getting used to again, since we only have the shade cloth up the rest of the year, and you can see through that.

But you said there was a bear, Belle... where's the bear?

Mother had me follow her into the barn, where I ate some hay in the aisle while she picked my feet. She lead me back out, gave me cookies, and left.

Yeah, well, it is kind of a blah day. At least I got some cookies. (Herballs and W&W. Woohoo!)

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  1. I agree Bif. This white stuff is just enough to make a mess of everything!


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