Saturday, January 28, 2012

Little Bleu Pills

A while back, Mother tried something different in my supplement regimen. I came in from the lawn for dinner to find a whole bunch of tablets on the top of my supper. I snarfed them up first before diving in to the rest of my mush.

Uncle Jeff discovered I was more than happy to take medications in tablet or capsule form. Well, yeah, because that way you may only have to taste them for a second if you crunch down on one before swallowing. The whole feed pan is ruined by ground up medicines. Blech! When Mother would grind up the stuff I took forever when my face was hole-y, she had to put lots of sugary oatmeal in with my food to get me to eat it.

Anyway, Mother said that these little blue tablets would help make me feel better. They kind of worked. She says she is going to try to find some other medicine that will help me feel better without having to count out so many tablets.

I will be getting a different joint supplement, too. She's just mixing everything all around. I hope whatever she gets tastes good...

She gave me a shot again the other day. I thought she had gotten over that whole obsession, but she told me I would still get them, just only once a month. I stood really still and didn't flinch or roll my eyes or anything.

I got lots of cookies, too.


  1. I was a tad worried about the little bleu pill comment but very glad you got cookies with it!

  2. I was worried about the little bleu pills too. I was thinking you were WAY too young for that..... :)

  3. What kind of pills are you guys talking about??


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