Sunday, January 15, 2012

Polite Company

Mother and Aunt Jeni came up to see me today. Mother came through the barnyard gate and said hello to me. Aunt Jeni followed suit. When Mother emerged from the barn with my halter, I was standing behind Belle. Mother laughed at me. "We are not going to make you run around like last time. Don't be afraid, silly."

Oh. Well, OK.

We went out to the porch, and Mother scraped the mud off the outside of my hoovies. Aunt Jenni started talking to me (me!) telling me all they had done that day while Mother started currying me. Mother often tells other people things, and I eavesdrop, but Aunt Jeni was talking to me about Mother's shenanigans. 

I'm going to be honest here, some of it was not fit for polite company. Apparently Mother was working with the tiny hooves of a  friend's tiny horse who has ideas above his station (and no mares), and he behaved in an uncivilized fashion that left those around him mortified and convulsed with laughter.

There is nothing funny about uncivilized behavior. I don't care how small the package.

Anyway, Mother picked my feet, commented on some personal hygiene items, asked Aunt Jeni to verify the hygiene problem (oh, mortification is now mine), then brushed my face really well. Aunt Jeni gave me cookies, I did a lawn job, ate dinner, and weaseled tons of cookies out of both of them, so all in all it was a successful evening.

But really, some topics are best left undiscussed, n'est-pas?


  1. Oh Boyfriend I'm sorry if you were embarrassed. I will try to be more discreet the next time. Or at least produce the cookies before I'm instructed to verify any other potentially mortifiying issues.

    As always - was awesome to see you and snuggle kiss your soft nose!

  2. Thanks for the cookies, Aunt Jeni!

  3. Hi there, I've included you in my "Liebster Award" list; you can check out the details in my blog post today. I only recently stumbled on to your blog and I think you're beautiful Bif :)


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