Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chinese Water Torture

Picture, if you will, a beautiful summer day... a lovely soft breeze, gentle sun through the cloud breaks, low humidity and 76 degrees. The gentle sound of dripping water is a soporific counterpoint to the low hummmmm of the clippers as Mother trims up my lower legs...

The dripping water? That's drool. Lots of drool. Quarts, even. Puddling on the brickwork of the porch, well, what I didn't splatter onto the railing first. But it does add to the spa effect.

Mother grumbled today that I have gone from being embarrassed by my malady to strategic... just because I like to release it on the lead rope, reins, or Mother when possible.

Teehehheee. A horse has to have a little fun, after all. And what's a little drool among friends?

Mother brushed me, lunged me really briefly, tacked me (shudder) and then lunged me for about two circles again before affixing the bridle and hopping aboard. I was very fussy with the bit, mostly because it is impossible to keep a good seal to keep all that drool from coming out... when I did manage, Mother would seemingly insist on a turn that caused my mouth to open and more saliva to gush everywhere. Like my legs. Ewwww!

After our ride, she threatened bathing, since I slept on the warm pillow last night... actually, the whole mattress was warm pillow. Mother was not pleased at all. She decided, however, to let me remain unbathed as the day was chillier than it has been... the upper 80s will be here again soon enough.

So instead she clipped the bridle path, my legs, and fed me my suppies dinner a little earlier than usual. Of course the aunts had cleaned the run-in while Mother and I were busy... I prefer they do it in the morning, because it can take all day to get my mattress just right.

Guess I better get to work.



  1. I can picture it...heck I can nearly taste it...but low humidity felt great even at 89 degrees today !

  2. You could really picture it if Mother would bring my camera up. Geez! It's so hard to find good help these days...

  3. and why are you drooling, exactly?

  4. I don't really understand. Mother says it is from the white clover... something about a fungus? But I think it tastes just fine, not fungus-y at all. Really yummy, actually, so I still eat lots and lots of it.

    It has to be something else...


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