Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Squeaky Clean... part of me, anyway

Since I've not really stopped rubbing my tail, Mother decided yesterday to once again perform a waterless cleaning of my very private area.  That accomplished, she scrubbed up my tail, and some of my torso et cetera that had gotten waterless cleaning cleaner on it. Then while hosing that all off, the waterless cleaning became quite a bit more like a waterful cleaning.

She rinsed me thoroughly. Very thoroughly. I think there may still be water slogging around in there. However, I was a well behaved equine... I mean, after what happened the other week, I'm certainly not afraid of a little water!!

Tomorrow the chiropractor comes out for me and all the herd but the fat donkey, oh, and I believe my camera has arrived. Since Mother is unable to attend my chiro-ing, however, it seems there will be no actual footage of my spa experience. Hopefully the aunts will give me some cookies?

Probably not.


squeak    squeak     squeak*

*The sound of a squeaky clean Bif walking away.

1 comment:

  1. Good timing on the "area" cleaning vs camera arrival... (just sayin') ;)

    word verification - punkin


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