Friday, August 5, 2011

Serious Business: PSA

I'm not a gossipy type horse, and I don't believe in chain letters, but I do believe in changing misconceptions. So while this is a bit off topic (I don't even have a pond to swim in):

Drowning doesn't look like drowningWhat does it look like?

I am just one horse. But I have lots of human friends, and those friends have lots more friends.

And I would like for those human friends to keep giving me cookies.


  1. You just may save someone's life passing this along - good info.

  2. This is a wonderful and horrifying link! As a weak swimmer, I've had that terrible feeling of being unable to make headway in the water. I've even been partially drowned and resuscitated. This is wonderful information and, as a parent of budding swimmers, I've taken it to heart.

    Thanks Bif!

    Marnie "FarmWife" Jones


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