Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Evolution: Part 1

I am born, and I am wild. No human can touch me. They can't even come close.

Years pass and I grow in height and length and breadth and strength. I am wild and no human can touch me.

There are times we are driven through catch pens. My body is surrendered but not my will. The humans touch me, and I shudder. I grow wilder so the humans can't touch me.

They drive us in for branding, but I am wily and clever and do not get captured. I am unbranded, I am wild, and no human will touch me.

At times, in passing as they feed hay, one gets a hand on me before I skitter away. I should be more watchful, it is dangerous to be lax. I must stay wild, why do the humans touch me?

One day I see a human that is different. What exactly is different, I can not decide. But all the horses walk up to her, and she pets them. Why does she want to? Why do they let her?

I walk nearer, and slide up alongside in my time. She pets and she scratches me, pleasant yet... why?  Do I stay wild, or do I let the humans touch me?

She strokes and she scratches and shows all is fine. She is kind and it's not like I can't stay wild.

Time passes, and I only miss her touch when I see her again. Wild is lonely at times.

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