Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Apparently, humans are hung up on the past. They like to know who your parents are from forever ago and where you come from and blah blah blah.

I am a registered fully foundation Nokota, which means both of my parents and their parents and those parents' parents ad naseum came from the Theodore Roosevelt National Park. While our existence can be traced back to the horses of Sitting Bull, obviously a few ranchers' horses must have wandered into the herd at some point.

While looking at some stills from my video, Mother was laughing a bit; she says I could be most any breed at times.


If you didn't know what breed I was, what would be your guess?
This sent Mother down memory lane, and she dug up some other diverse sorts of pictures:

Seriously, Mother? You thought this should be included?!
Mother, stop picking the embarrassing ones!
OK, I don't even look like a horse in this one.
Mother!! Why do you always throw this one in there!!!!
So if you had never heard of Nokotas, what would you think I was?


  1. Something baroque. Andalusian or lustiano would be my first two guesses :) - my boss has a mustang gelding who also looks very baroque! Very handsome Bif!

  2. I've seen some lovely Percheron crosses, and he's so thick I'd assume that's what he is. I have never herd of Nokota until now, If they all look like you Boyfriend they must be lovely horses!

  3. I would guess Lusitano cross.

  4. Being a Spotted draft, i would say Percheron/Andalusian cross. Your neck is gorgeous!

  5. I would guess a mustang with a lot of Spanish blood. You are Very very handsome! As a matter of fact as I was looking at your pictures just now someone walked by my computer and said "oooooooo pretty!"

  6. I would have said Lusitano/Morgan.

    Which happen to be two of my favorite breeds.

    Which is probably why I have such a big crush.


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