Sunday, March 4, 2012

Let there be Light!

Mother was up what I consider rather early today, since anymore if she comes up she usually wanders in around late afternoon. I walked over to the barnyard gate to suggest some lawn time.

She ignored me.

She bustled about hither and yon, not doing anything really, as far as I could tell. She went in the barn. I went in the run-in and peered through the window. Oh, goody, she's in the hay stall. I could hear and almost see her cutting the strings on the bale, and lifting up portions for us. Then she walked out of the hay stall.

Empty handed.

She walked back out in front of the barn, and then rolled closed the far barn door that she had opened just minutes earlier.

What is she doing? And  please just bring the hay out!

Belle and I stared at her as she did nothing. She walked in to the Small. Convinced that she might have treats, Belle wandered over to see her in the Small. I followed, because what if Belle was right? Those are MY treats, not Belle's. She shouldn't get any.

Mother waited until we had walked in, then she unhooked the gate and closed us out of the barnyard. OK. But where's the hay? No treats and no hay?

There was a rumble as if a vehicle were coming up the driveway. Mother hustled in to the hay stall and brought the hay out to the Small. It's about time!

There was a man and a small boy human. Mother and the small human came and looked at all of us while we ate. Creepy.

The donkey followed them in to the barn. Soon Mother reemerged, rushing across the Small to the car she parks over at the house next door. I decided to go investigate what exactly was happening in the barn.

The man was drilling a hole in the rafter, and running a wire through to the run- in shed. I monitored his activities, but was too smart to get close. Bert came up to see what was going on and nearly bumped the man off the ladder.

Mother returned shortly, carrying a bag that did not smell like treats. She pet me on my nose as she went past and in to the barn. She soon came back out  and caught Belle.

There was hammering coming from inside. What is going on? Why do they need Belle?

After a while I saw the little human being lead around on Belle in the barnyard.

Mother asked me when I was watching the man remove the ladder from the run-in if I liked my new light.

What? Oh... Sure, whatever.

May I have more hay? Or dinner? Or go out on the lawn, please?

This is not my normal schedule.


  1. And there was light and it was good. The real question here is will it divide the day from night or is it one of those sometimes-y lights ?

  2. It's a light so the Aunts and Mother can see to clean the run-in no matter what time of day or night it is.

    The light in the stall Callie likes to hang out in was not working, so they fixed that and had a light run out to us. I just hope they don't leave it on unless they need it. It's kind of bright.


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