Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sloshy Sunday

Mother and Aunt What's-her-name thought it would be "fun" to give me a bath. Sigh.

Mother curried me off, saying something about I was really dirty and it was best to get some of the hair off before the bath. Uhhhh... really, do we have to do all this?
They say pets look like their owners

Aunt What's-her-name undid my braids, which was nice of her  ... Then I got hosed. 
Not nice, Mother.

And hosed...

And HOSED!!!

Mother says all that hosing is necessary to get off all the shampoo. 

So, is that much shampoo really necessary? 

And the laughing at me; is that necessary, too?

The only good thing is I got lots of cookies, and a bit of lawn time. But really, Mother, I think you and Aunt What's-her-name could find better ways to amuse yourself if you really tried.


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