Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happiness runs in a circular motion

Sometimes I make Mother sad. 

Well, she needs to focus on the here and now. 

Because sometimes, Mother, you make me dizzy... I have trouble focusing at all.

At least she has gotten a little better at the live action shots. The download quality isn't as good as on Mother's computer, though. Sorry.

This was the second time she's lunged me this week. I often go a long time without having to do any of lunging or driving~ and you can see we don't do much for very long. After I was moving so nicely the other day, Mother wondered how I'd go. I was the tiniest bit off, and not being snorty and flashy, but Mother said I looked pretty happy and comfortable.

Well, yes. And later I got a great grooming, a massage, and cookies.



  1. Bif you looked pretty good to me, and so handsome too :)

  2. You do look good! Just the tinest of tinest off. This is a good thing!

  3. When Mother was looking at the different videos, she found a "mirror" function that made me look like my right was left and left was right. Mother found that very interesting, because she is so used to looking at the left; she can see my "right" lameness when in the mirror, even though she found herself still staring at the "left" like she is accustomed.

    This posted video does have me lookking pretty good. The not as good still was pretty good.


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