Friday, September 16, 2011

Further Details: Always Check Your Policy

An update ~ Mother took a picture of my face oozy spot (which isn't actually oozy) and my belly bug welt oozy spot, which is.

The bad news first. My ooey gooey bug welt. The bug bite is to the right, pinkish looking, the oozy spot is to the left. Pre picking:

Post picking:

My face... Mother dug on it the other day, and it has been Swatted several times:

She said perhaps there is a certain bug at this time a year that causes a very localized allergic reaction, or perhaps I just am dying of some bizarre seasonal cancer.

You are not a doctor, Mother. Your diagnostic skills are a little frightening, honestly. And your stall side manner leaves something to be desired...

I am doing my part. I am down to 930 lbs, so Operation Semi-Starvation should end, please. I mean look, I am clearly wasting away here:

Mother says my HMO doesn't cover non-life-threatening dermatological issues. She says it doesn't cover much of anything except dental, preventative medicine, minor plastic surgery, and hospice. And that less weight is better for my bad leg. Who picked this HMO, anyway?

I think Mother is a terrible insurance company! Maybe I should look into other options. Anyone recommend a good carrier? I have a lot of pre-existing conditions.


  1. If it's any consolation, Bif, the seasonal cancer bugs live here in Western Washington too. Fenway has bizarre oozing welts just like yours! They do worry me so.

    Marnie "FarmWife" Jones

  2. Well, at least you are worrying. I think Mother just doesn't care any more.



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