Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Love: Some Definitions

Love is:

Letting Mother kiss me on the schnozzle even after she has just given me dewormer.

Accepting treats even though Mother has just given me dewormer (BLECH!!).

Never letting Mother know that sticking noxious items in my mouth troubles me. I maintain my placid demeanor. She means well.

Following all directions on the lunge line perfectly even though it is about 40 degrees colder than it was 3 days ago and the wind is up and I feel HIIIIIIIGH. I didn't even pull.

Not sighing (overly loudly) when she finishes up my grooming by deciding to comb through my mane instead of putting me in the feeding stall. Comb? More like tug tug tug. She means well.

Leaving my hay because she was petting me and walked away. Pet me longer, please Mother? And this was good orchard with alfalfa. 

Fortunately, Mother paused and pet me for several more minutes. So pleasant on this autumn-y night. We just stood there in the darkness, petter and pettee.

Put like that, it doesn't sound right at all...

But it is perfect. It is Love.


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